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Why is it a good idea to know your locksmith?

It is a common mistake to lock your keys inside your car. This can be incredibly frustrating, but you don’t have to remain stranded. Be prepared by knowing your local locksmith’s number.

Not only is it a great idea to have your local locksmith’s number handy, but it is also an even greater idea to know your locksmith personally, if possible on first name terms. The reason for this is simple: not all locksmiths are honest and reputable, and by having someone take care of your locks, you entrust your and your family’s safety and security to that person. Knowing your locksmith personally, you have the advantage of being able to trust him when he gives you a quote, or do some security work for you. You will the also be sure that you won’t be expected to pay thrice the amount that was quoted in the first place. Any reputable locksmith should be able to quote the FULL cost of their prospective handy-work telephonically.

We supply local Emergency Services

If your locksmith knows who you are, he will not inadvertently open your front door lock for burglar taking a chance. Locksmiths usually check for ID, but it is not uncommon for a kind hearted locksmith to open a door based on a plea for help if the person in need should state that “unfortunate their ID is “at work” or wherever else. Knowing your locksmith will prevent him opening your door to strangers.

Building a good professionally friendly relationship with your local emergency contacts will ensure that they will hopefully remember you when you need their help the most. It will also be less likely for them to try and swindle you or charge more for services than they should.

Establish a Circle of Reliable Contacts

Getting to know emergency contacts such as locksmiths will help you build a reliable network of service providers, enabling you to disregard the tricky ones. This will be a long-term benefit, not only to you but also to the entire neighborhood. Recommend the reliable locksmith to your friends, family, and acquaintances, letting them know whose rates and prices are the most reasonable. This should help increase their involvement to the effect that criminals will take their activities elsewhere.