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We fully protect you, including against so-called “Lock Bumping”.

Homeowners often fall prey to “Lock Bumping”, a simple method of picking a lock without having the key. It leaves no signs or marks, making it difficult for victims of a burglary to prove to their insurance broker that they have been robbed. The technique and is quickly learned, and tools are widely advertised via the World Wide Web.  Courses to learn the technique only cost a few dollars and takes no longer that an hour of your spare time. It is, however, equally easy to get yourself and your business protected against this technique.

“Bump proof” locks are our specialty; Our locksmith team provide wide ranges highly secure locks that are impossible to “bump”.

How Lock Bumping Works

 bump proof locks

We supply various key systems, such as Medeco, MUL-T-LOCK, Primus by Schlage and more.

Push button systems, including Simplex, KABA, Trilogy, and Schlage, can be easily installed in no time at all.

For upgrades from your standard lock to a high-security deadbolt, please call us on (813) 774-3665