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When you’re in a hurry, it can be all too easy to lock yourself out of your vehicle. When you’re stuck without the keys for your car, truck, motorcycle or even your boat, you need the best mobile locksmith services. You can count on a mobile locksmith to help when you’ve lost or forgotten your keys. 

How can mobile locksmith services get me back into my car? 

It happens to the best of us, you’re in a rush and you lock yourself out of your car. And when your keys are inside, you may think there’s no hope for getting things back in order. With the right mobile locksmith services, you can regain entry into your vehicle without causing any damage to your car. 

One of the most common ways a mobile locksmith will unlock your car is with the assistance of interior mechanisms. Sometimes this is done through a tiny gap that may already be present in the window. But, when your car’s all sealed up and you’re stuck outside, a mobile locksmith needs another approach. 

Mobile locksmiths often wedge locked car doors open just enough to allow for unlocking tools to open the vehicle from the inside. This is typically done with an inflatable wedge. This plastic or vinyl wedge is slid between your door and the door frame, then it’s carefully inflated to create a small gap between the door and its frame. Then, tools can be used to unlock doors from the inside.  

What about motorcycle keys? 

Losing the key to your motorcycle can create a different set of issues. Sure, you’re not locked out, but you can’t start your motorcycle to get home. Not to worry though, there are mobile locksmith services that can help. 

Often, your motorcycle’s ignition key and gas cap key are identical. A mobile locksmith may replace the key by making a new key modeled after the gas cap lock. This can often be done on site and within just a few minutes.  

To learn about all the ways mobile locksmith services can help you, call a locksmith today! You can get the keys, locks and help you need by calling a 24 hour mobile locksmith.  

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