sliding glass door lock repair

Sliding doors are a popular trend in modern times. Many new houses have sliding doors. They make the place look more beautiful for sure. But, more complex machines mean more complex problems. This is true for sliding doors too. Have you ever faced problems with your sliding door locks? We provide exceptional sliding glass door lock repair service for you and make your sliding door lock function like new.

Why the sliding glass door won’t lock as it should?

Some reasons why a sliding door might not lock are: that the door is not aligned properly, the lock is blocked by rust or dirt, or the lock is damaged or worn out. The door can bend or expand over time and cause misalignment. The lock can get clogged by rust or dirt and prevent it from working. The lock can also break or wear out due to use or force. 

How to unlock a stuck sliding glass door lock?

You can try to open a stuck sliding glass door lock by bypassing the locking mechanism. You can use some methods that work for doors without keyholes, such as using a credit card, a screwdriver, or a knife. You can also try to lubricate the lock with some oil or spray. If none of these methods work, you can call a locksmith for help.

sliding glass door lock repair
What causes a sliding glass door lock to break?

All locks wear down over time. When metal rubs against metal, it can become thin or warped. This can make the lock stop working or break later on. It is better to fix sliding door locks sooner rather than later because broken locks need more tries to open, put more pressure on the lock, and have a higher chance of breaking.

Can a locksmith fix a sliding glass door lock?

We are professional locksmiths and our sliding glass door lock repair team can fix sliding door locks irrespective of their nature or model. We can handle different situations by repairing or replacing the existing glass door lock. We can solve underlying issues such as foundational shifting, lifting root systems, and seasonal wood expansion, and remedy the most troubling symptoms. 

sliding glass door lock repair

What will be the price to fix the sliding glass door lock

The price we charge for sliding glass door lock repair & replacement or fixing a sliding door lock includes the cost of parts and labor. However, the price of replacement parts is unknown until the damage is assessed by our trained sliding glass door lock repair & replacement technician.

Lubrication, Lock Repair, Lock Replacement, and Door Fixes are some of the common methods used to fix the sliding glass door issues. These methods might not always work. Don’t let finding the right lock for your home or business sliding glass door be a hard task. If you don’t know where to start when selecting the right hardware for your sliding door repair, then we can guide the way. We specialize in all high-security, heavy-duty, residential, or commercial sliding glass door lock repair and hinges that come in various finishes. We have a lot of choices in our stock. Call Americas Lock and Key Services at (813)774-3665 or (813) 371-9855 for personalized assistance.