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While a DIY approach to your household fittings and fixtures can be an enjoyable experience. It may be full of fun, but you should not compromise when it comes to the safety & security of your residential or commercial property & automobiles. But it would be better to handle all the crucial safety & security aspects of the hard-core professionals.

It will be unnecessary to try repairing a faulty lock yourself. It might be causing even more damage than before. Investing in our professional & affordable locksmith in Tampa lets you enjoy a greater peace of mind knowing that you are in a safe hand. We help you keep your residence or business both safe and secure. It is always worth investing in our service. Mentioned here are a few situations that can be best attended by our certified & affordable locksmith in Tampa

Car lockouts or missing car keys

If your car keys are missing or you lock them inside the car itself, then it can cause you great inconvenience. The best option to get rid of this difficult situation is to call our automotive locksmiths. We have proven tools and techniques no matter the nature of your automobile. Our locksmith can fix the problem in a few minutes and help you get back into the car quickly.

locksmith Tampa
Avoiding break-ins

You can use our professional locksmith team to install a high-security lock system in your business or home. We ensure you get the best possible safety for your personal or professional assets. All these locks have modern features which can be implemented properly to prevent break-ins. We will protect your family or employees while ensuring you the best value for the investment.

Relocations or Move-ins

Are you relocating your home or business to Tampa? We recommend changing the interior & exterior lock of the property. It ensures that no previous occupants or anyone known to the property owner could get access to the property. So, calling our expert locksmith team will help change the interior & exterior locks. It will prevent your property from probable robbery or theft!

Rekeying locks in your home or office

You may not want to go through the trouble and expense related to the complete replacement of locks at your home or office! We can help you in such a situation. We offer rekey service that works smoothly like new. It will ultimately save you money and time. We are professionally trained to handle your rekeying needs. We make you feel safe even with the same lock but with rekeyed components.

locksmith Tampa


We are professional locksmiths in Tampa and appreciate the client’s urgency. We can respond the emergencies arising at any hour – no matter day or night. We can arrive on-site in a few minutes to resolve the issue fast. Be it a missing key, lockout, lock damage resulting from a break-in, or any similar situation, our locksmith won’t let you struggle with this situation anymore.

At Americas Lock and Key Services, we have a team of professional locksmiths, who are familiar with the innovative technology. We can provide the most effective & affordable locksmith solution for every situation and problem. We are equipped with advanced tools and technology to fix the problem faster. To enjoy a wide variety of locksmith services at affordable prices, you can call Americas Lock and Key Services at (813)774-3665.