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Access control systems present a unique way of security and are perfect for homes, office buildings and even gated communities. Commonly known as keyless systems, access control systems provide you greater control as compared to traditional lock systems. Apart from ease and convenience, here are a few more reasons why these systems are becoming popular day by day:

Difficult to Duplicate

Access control systems do not feature a physical key. They can only be unlocked with the help of a fingerprint, security code, security card swipe and voice/face readers. These security systems are thus, almost impossible to break. They cannot be easily manipulated. Only with a lot of information, skill and expertise can these systems be broken into, which is a rare case.


The greatest advantage of access control systems is that they are keyless, so you do not have to worry or stress about looking after or losing your key! Also, you do not have to carry multiple keys along with you wherever you go. Remembering, a code or your fingerprint is all that is needed for access!


Access control systems are customized for every individual. You do not have to worry about the system being misused. For instance, if you install a fingerprint lock in your office for employees to record their attendance, the system cannot be misused. Obviously, the employee will have to present themselves to record their attendance. Similarly, there are certain rooms with restricted access. You can guard those rooms with these electronic locks so that only authorized people can access them.

Remote Access

Your child is locked out of the home and you’re still at the office? What do you do because there’s no key in an access control system? Don’t worry; you don’t even have to move an inch! Yes! With remote access, you can provide your child with access to the house while sitting in the office!

History Logging

Another great benefit of access control systems is that they can create history logs whenever they are accessed. Although they cannot be access by unauthorized people, but in instances of theft or burglary or if you suspect someone is using your unique code to access the lock, this information can play a huge role. This handy system records and creates logs of all information for later review.

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