Tampa Locksmith

You never really think about how important your keys are until you lose them. Whether you accidentally lock them in your car, leave them on the kitchen counter, or drop them somewhere during your hectic day, realizing your keys are missing is an anxiety inducing experience. If fact, most of us have a contingency plan in case we do lose our keys. Spares that are strategically hidden can help you in a pinch, but what happens when your key breaks inside the lock? How are you supposed to get inside your home, office, or car now? America’s Lock and Key, your trusted Tampa locksmith, can help! 

How to Remove a Broken Key from a Lock 

Dealing with a broken key stuck inside a lock is tricky because it depends on where and how the key broke. Usually, it is a clean break near the base of the key caused by pressure near a weak point. Keys can weaken for any number of reasons, but usually this is just the result of wear and tear.  

If you are lucky, the break is outside of the lock itself. In the best-case scenario, you may manage to get a grip on the piece stuck in the lock and gently shimmy it free. Something handy like a multi-tool device may have something to assist you with grasping the protruding bit of key. In a pinch, a set of nail clippers may also work. Be careful when attempting to remove the key; if you cannot do so safely without risking further damage to the key or lock, America’s Lock and Key is a mobile locksmith in Tampa; we can come to you and assist with removal. 

Making a New Key from a Broken One 

If you manage to remove the broken key from the lock, the situation may still seem dire. While the keyhole is no longer obstructed, you still can’t gain access to your property with the broken one. Without a whole key to copy, most places like Home Depot or Walmart cannot make a new key. That’s where we come in! At America’s Lock and Key, our experts may be able to fabricate a new key using the parts of the old one. 

In order to make your new key, the original has to be in decent condition. This is why careful extraction is so important; if your key is bent, dented, or otherwise misshapen, we cannot mold a new one to fit your current lock.  

If your key is in workable condition, your Tampa locksmith may be able to temporarily repair the original. While it likely won’t be strong enough for use in your lock, this bond will allow for an accurate reading of your original key to make a copy. By using our advanced imaging technology to create your replacement key, we save you hundreds on the cost of having to change locks due to a broken key. 

If your key snaps inside of the lock, don’t panic. America’s Lock and Key can help you any time, day or night. Contact us now for more information.