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Locked Out! – How to Prevent It

Getting locked outside your own home, car or office is a common occurrence. Even if it hasn’t happened to you yet doesn’t mean that you should take precautions in order to prevent such a situation from happening because getting locked out isn’t fun at all. Americas Lock & Key Service, i.e. the best car key replacement service and the home locksmith near you offers the following advice;

Appoint a Close Family Member or Friend the Job of Key-master

This job should only be given to people who you trust, a lot. In addition, the key-master should live nearby for convenience’s sake, both yours and theirs. The reason why this job should be appointed to a close and trustworthy person is because; they will essentially have full access to your place if you ever go out of town.

If you do keep a spare key inside the house, it should be marked distinctly so as to be instantly recognizable even in a messy junk drawer.

Save All Important Numbers on Your Phone

Number such as your landlord’s, building manager’s, a home locksmith’s near you, the apartment maintenance staff, police station’s etc are important and should be saved in your phone as well as a phone diary that you carry everywhere.

Place Your Spare Key Where You Can Easily Get At It

This doesn’t mean that you should place the spare key of your home or office under the welcome mat. Not only is the place a really obvious and predictable (robbers will look for it there) but it’s a careless thing to do as well. Giving the key to your neighbor is an option, especially if you trust the people next door.

When it comes to getting locked out, the best locksmith in town say not to take any unnecessary chances as you could also be exposed to potential danger. While lock out’s will happen and sometimes there’s very little you can do to prevent it, one thing you do have control over are the professionals you choose to hire for fixing the lock.

Our locksmiths will make sure that you don’t have anything to worry about in such a situation because regardless of the time or day of the week, Americas Lock & Key Services is ready to serve clients 24/7!