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Locked Out! – What to Do After Losing Your Keys

You will agree that losing the keys to your apartment and getting locked out isn’t fun. However, this is one that situation which is bound to happen sooner or later. The spare key isn’t on the person, which usually happens in such cases which leaves you to do one of the following;

Procure a Spare Set of Keys from Your Superintendent

In such an event, a short walk to the superintendent of the building’s office will help solve the issue quickly; otherwise a call to the landlord will do the trick as well especially if management isn’t on-site. Of course this tip will only work during business hours, so be sure to call or visit the superintendent during them. Why should others, even it’s your own landlord suffer due to your mistake?

What to Do: You can spend the night at a neighbor (who you are in good terms with) or a friend until morning and then fix the issue, or follow the 2nd tip.

Check All the Windows to See If Any Is Open

Apartment renters have to be very resourceful, according to the best residential locksmith near you i.e. Americas Lock & Key Services. By resourceful it means to think how a burglar gets into a locked house, undetected for instance. Examine the fire escape closely; is it wide and safe enough to be used as a means to get inside the apartment through an open window?

Call the Locksmith If All Else Fails

This should be taken as the last resort, as depending on certain factors it could take an hour or more for the locksmith company to send their people over. If the company doesn’t offer emergency 24-hour services, calling them in an emergency could cost you a lot. Of course, this isn’t the case with Americas Lock & Key as we provide clients with 24-hour emergency services, which means someone will come to their aid even in the middle of the night!

Choosing the right locksmith is also very important as depending on their ability, many are unable to open certain locks while others choose not to service shared entrances therefore you will have to be mindful about this.