Locksmith Tampa

If you’ve ever locked yourself out of your house, car or office you then know that it’s an unfortunate scenario that happens at the most inopportune times—doesn’t it?? Perhaps you were running late and just neglected to take your keys off the desk, or you left them inside your home or your car. It happens to the best of us, so stop shaking your head and kicking yourself and put all embarrassment aside– you’ve got a situation that needs to be handled quickly especially if you are a woman standing on the side of a dark road waiting for a tow truck. The last reason is most definitely why you need to have a trusted locksmith in your phone contact list for the eventuality of an emergency lock out situation! Waiting hours for a tow truck never makes sense when you can call a dependable locksmith in Tampa who offers 24/7 service. At America’s Lock & Key, we are dedicated to ensuring all of your expectations are met when we dispatch one of our highly trained staff to your car or home.   

Some Common Reasons Why You Might Need to Contact a Tampa Locksmith   

  1. Stolen or lost keys– perhaps your purse was grabbed on the street or in the mall and your keys were in it. Or, maybe your keys just fell out of your pocket. When this happens, there is no time to waste, you need to call a dependable locksmith to not only replace the key(s), but to replace all of the locks on the door to your home or office to prevent the possibility of your home or office being burglarized. America’s Lock & Key is available 24/7 so you can always find us. 
  2. New home– if you’ve just purchased a new home and your seller gives you the keys at the closing, your excitement might just cloud your judgement. Always remember to immediately call a locksmith to change all the locks on the doors and obtain new keys. While it’s unlikely the previous owners will want to rob you, it’s very likely that they may have given a set of keys to service people or neighbors. Although we would like to see the best in people, it’s just smart not to chance your keys getting into the wrong hands. 
  3. Lock is damaged– sometimes locks on older homes or office building doors may actually rust over time causing the lock to become damaged. Calling a professional locksmith like America’s Lock & Key is an easy way to replace the lock and issue new keys because they guarantee service that is not only efficient, but fast as well. 
  4. Broken car keys– It can happen in older cars where a key might snap off in the ignition, as well as in newer luxury cars where sophisticated car key and key fob technology can malfunction and be quite pricey to replace. When you’re in need of car key replacement call our expert locksmiths in Tampa at America’s Lock & Key. We pride ourselves on keeping keep prices reasonable and affordable for our clients.   

You can leave your worries behind with one call to our customer service team today. We’ll be there for you whether you need home lock-out assistance, car key replacement, or new locks installed on your doors for security purposes. We are America’s Lock & Key Services, Tampa’s favorite locksmith, available 24/7 to handle all of your lock and key needs. Call us at (813) 774-3665 and experience our unparalleled services today.