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Rekeying Locks in Tampa Bay FL

Many times when you need a new lock, you don’t actually need a full lock change-out. To save time and money, and to serve the same purpose, why not simply have your locks re-keyed? This means that you don’t change all the lock hardware; you just change the internal pins of the lock cylinder to suit a different key.

Some appropriate times to re-key your locks might include when you take over an apartment with numerous door locks, or when you lend your car key or house key to someone else. Most locks are capable of being re-keyed, however if the lock has been damaged, or if the lock is very old, it may be that you’ll have to settle for a lock change-out instead. Of course, if your lock is protecting something of great importance to you, or if the lock is in poor condition, in these instances you should definitely choose a complete lock change-out.

If you’re not sure which way to go, have a chat to us and we’ll advise you on the best way to proceed. We’re happy to provide obligation-free quotations, and we guarantee that our rates are very affordable. Our professional lock technicians will provide their expert opinion and offer the most affordable solution.

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Should I Replace Or Repair My Key?

If you’ve ever had your car burglarized, or your keys stolen, then you’ll be horribly familiar with that sinking feeling of realizing that someone else now has access to your property. The only real way to protect yourself is to change the locks to your business, your vehicles, and to your home. And remember that you don’t have to wait until after a crime has been committed against you.

Another great reason for having your locks changed is the prevention of crime. Also, taking over a new business or moving into a new home, are both excellent opportunities for having a professional Locksmith change-out your locksets.

Don’t Attempt This Yourself

It’s not really wise to attempt a complete lock change-out on your own. Like most other trades, it does require expertise and a certain skill, so why take risks with your security. By choosing the right Locksmith service you’ll get immediate attention and your locks will be changed; the workmanship will be guaranteed, and the rates will be honest and very affordable. And the best part – no stress for you! All our technicians are highly trained and skilled in their craft, and all have many years’ experience working within the industry. When you choose the best, you also get the best labor and top-quality parts with warranty; so doesn’t it make perfect sense to choose your local lock professionals who are experts at getting the job done?

Why not give us a call now and you’ll soon see how simple a Locksmith service can be, and how safe you’ll feel once you accept our great offer.