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Is it time for you to change your locks? Confused whether you should rekey or replace your lock? Not many of us are aware when we should get our lock replaced and when we should rekey it. So find out the answer here.

When to Rekey

Unless and until your hardware is not damaged, you can get your locks rekeyed. Rekeying involves the use of the same hardware, but with a different key, of course. This usually takes place when you’re selling your home or handing it over to someone for a couple of months while you’re away on vacations. As there are instances when homeowners end up buying locks which aren’t made for their type of door, to avoid such situations, people usually choose to rekey their lock instead of buying a new one. Also, rekeying is inexpensive as compared to replacing the lock.

To understand if rekeying is the best option, involving a locksmith is the best decision you can make. Locksmiths are professionals and are aware of the technicalities of different locks. They will be able to guide you when there is no major problem with the lock, and when you can regain the functionality of the lock with the use of a lubricant only rather than getting it rekeyed.

When to Replace

You may consider replacing a lock if your lock is completely damaged, if you’ve experienced a theft or burglary or if you think you are facing security issues and your lock is easy to access. You might also consider replacing your lock if you’re changing your door!

Replacing a lock is a complicated procedure and cannot be completed without a professional. Hire a locksmith and even consider asking them for advice for the type of lock which should be installed. Additionally, remember that this process is expensive as compared to rekeying your lock, but provides more security! Moreover, seeking professional help will not only save your time, but will also save you from the hassle of getting your locks replaced frequently just because they weren’t installed properly in the first place!

The end result remains that no matter which option you choose, rekeying or replacing your lock, do call up a a locksmith to discuss your options and then make a final decision!

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